This (undergraduate) course on algorithms assumes familiarity with basic techniques including dynamic programming, recursion (divide-and-conquer) and greedy.

We’ll study a sequence of algorithms that are easily stated, often surprisingly efficient, and sometimes easy to analyze. See the lectures page for a tentative list of topics.

Lectures: MW 3-4:15pm, Klaus 1447

Instructor: Santosh Vempala, Klaus 2222 (email: vempala@cc.gatech.edu)

TA: Kyle Zimmerman, office hours held on the second floor of Klaus between the two theory labs (email: zimmermankz@gatech.edu)

Office hours: SV: Wed 11-12. KZ: Mon 11-12, Tue 11-12, Wed 1-2.

Grading: HW 40%, 3 Midterms 60%. No final.

First Midterm: Wed, Sept 20th.
Second Midterm: Mon, Oct 23rd.
Third Midterm: Mon, Nov 27th.